My spring skincare routine

My skin struggles a lot when the seasons transition, especially from winter to spring. It gets dry and dull and like I’ve lost all the life in my body. I have to switch up my skincare throughout the year to keep up with the weather, and I think I’ve finally managed to fine-tune a combo that keeps me fresh in spring.


I was a little hesitant about buying such a cheap face wash, but my old expensive one was on it’s last legs and I needed something that fit in my student budget. I’ve always loved grapefruit in my skincare so when I spotted this in Superdrug for only a few pounds I thought it was worth a try. I’m still in the trial stage but so far I love it! It’s really gentle on my skin and smells incredible.


It’s no surprise to anyone that I still stick with the Body Shop for most of my skincare. I prefer to use a lighter moisturiser in spring and summer because the last thing I want in sweaty weather is to have another thick layer of moisture on me. I picked up this ‘Vitamin E Aqua Boost Lotion’ in the January sales and it’s been a lifesaver. It’s light enough that I can put it on right before my makeup, but still gives me the hydration I need to get through the cold weather. I will say, it is a bit sticky when it starts to sink in, but that goes within a few minutes so I still think it’s worth it!


May as well give a little bonus product in this post and talk about my favourite spring perfume. Body Shop body mists are by far my favourite scent, they’re so affordable and they just nail it every time. This grapefruit one is so fresh and I always get told I smell good whenever I wear it. It’s become my everyday perfume so quickly and I’m so looking forward to wearing it for the next few months!

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