Forcing myself to engage with self care

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am not good at looking after myself. I often forget to eat a meal, my sleeping pattern is horrendous and a life without back pain is a distant memory. I cram my days full of stuff to do, but I never remember to schedule in time for me. I preach self-care when my friends are going through a tough time, but who am I to tell them to look after themselves when I frequently run out of clean underwear?

I’m in my 20’s now, and with that terrifying realization comes the pressure to start ‘adulting’. There are definitely aspects of adulting that I’ve mastered. I’m great at cleaning my bathroom. I’ve fixed not one, but two hoovers. I always separate my laundry and I can navigate Google Calendar better than Larry Page himself. Even so, I’m still a bit shit at looking after myself and that’s something I really want to change.

That’s why I’m embarking on a huge personal challenge of 100 days of self-care. I’m not going to force myself to do it in the order I’ve written the list, because that is an easy way to make sure I give up on day 4. I’m also going to do a blog post updating you on my progress every 20 days, letting you know the ones I’ve completed, how I did it and how I’m feeling about the whole ‘self-care thing’.

If you want to see my list and maybe even give it a go yourself, you can check it out below!

  1. Take a relaxing bath
  2. Clean out my social media feeds
  3. Make a playlist full of my favourite songs
  4. Find a new poem that makes me happy
  5. Reach out to a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while
  6. Put aside 5 things to donate to charity
  7. Make plans to look forward to
  8. Do 30 minutes of yoga for back pain
  9. Drink enough water
  10. Paint something
  11. Watch a TEDtalk about something I care about
  12. Write a poem, even if it’s awful
  13. Do a DIY project
  14. Get rid of 5 items of clothing
  15. Finish my to-do list
  16. Find a new podcast to listen to
  17. Do something nice for someone I love
  18. Visit a new place
  19. Do a face mask
  20. Prepare for the morning the night before
  21. Compliment 5 people
  22. See if I can spot a constellation
  23. Read a book for an hour
  24. Buy myself flowers
  25. Go for a walk
  26. Do yoga stretches in the morning
  27. Invite a friend over for a coffee
  28. Paint my nails
  29. Light a scented candle
  30. Choose tomorrow’s outfit before I go to bed
  31. Cook a new recipe
  32. Go to bed by 11pm
  33. Watch my all time favourite film
  34. Get up at sunrise
  35. Spend 24 hours without social media
  36. Have breakfast in bed
  37. Watch a documentary
  38. Listen to an album I’ve never heard before, start to finish
  39. Get a massage
  40. Make a vision board
  41. Have a girls night out
  42. Visit a museum
  43. Eat no meat for the day
  44. No social media before 11am
  45. Invest in an item of clothing that makes me feel beautiful
  46. Do all my laundry
  47. Get rid of 5 things I don’t use
  48. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
  49. Bake something I’ve never tried before
  50. Go sugarless for the day
  51. Take my vitamins
  52. Visit an art gallery
  53. Organise my desktop
  54. Go on a hike
  55. Have a makeup-free day
  56. Clean out my email inbox
  57. Exfoliate
  58. Do all my work outside of my house
  59. Spend the whole day with someone I love
  60. Leave a whole day unplanned
  61. Spend an hour cleaning my room
  62. Identify my top 6 priorities in life
  63. Clear out my junk drawer
  64. Unfriend people on Facebook that I don’t want in my life anymore
  65. Answer all my emails
  66. Go on a walk somewhere I’ve not been before
  67. Have lunch with a friend
  68. Learn more about a cause that’s important to me
  69. Call my mum
  70. Add some greenery to my home
  71. Deep clean the kitchen
  72. Sit outside and watch the sunset
  73. Print out some of my favourite pictures
  74. Volunteer
  75. Have an intense workout session
  76. Organise my desk
  77. Make a playlist for a friend
  78. Watch a stand-up comedy show
  79. Get up before 8am
  80. Invest in a really good bra
  81. Do an at-home workout
  82. Watch my favourite childhood TV show
  83. Get dressed up
  84. Delete all the apps I don’t use
  85. Try a new restaurant
  86. Call my sister
  87. Do a hair mask
  88. Donate to a charity
  89. Listen to a friend’s favourite album
  90. Don’t produce any waste for the whole day
  91. Listen to an album I loved when I was a teenager
  92. Go somewhere beautiful and don’t take any pictures for Instagram
  93. Write a letter to someone who has been weighing on my mind
  94. Turn off all technology by 10pm
  95. Find a new blog to follow
  96. Do all my work at my desk instead of in bed
  97. Go for a run
  98. Spend an hour people-watching
  99. Make myself a cup of tea
  100. Ask someone for help

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rosie says:

    Love that you’ve recognised where your weaknesses are! It can be so hard to admit that you’re not good at something, excited to read your first update on this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jess Reed says:

    Love this idea, think I’m going to give it a go as well!


  3. i love your list it’s so complex!! ✨ but yeah making actual time for self care is kinda hard i agree

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Just M.E. says:

    This is such a great idea and I might try out this on a smaller scale as well. I just found your blog and I have to say I love it so far ♥️


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