My favourite break-up songs

Disclaimer: This post is not written by a heartbroken girl in the middle of a breakup. Before any of my friends read this and send me a panicky text with a thousand questions, don’t worry, my Facebook relationship status isn’t about to be changed to ‘it’s complicated’ with 50 comments from people I haven’t seen since I was 14.

However, break-ups are not something I’m a stranger to. Whether it’s a boyfriend, a fling, or an almost-but-not-quite, I’ve been there. Done the crying, drank the wine, bought the t-shirt. These trying times left me with a lot of things: a box in the bottom of my wardrobe of underpants and love letters, a scar on my foot and a pretty banging playlist.

It’s worth mentioning that technically, it’s two playlists. One of them is for the nights when you’re sat on your shower floor crying so hard it gives you a headache, your bedroom floor has turned into a takeaway graveyard and you think the only person who understands you is Taylor Swift.

The other is for the nights when you realise that, hey! There’s a lot of people in the world, and the person who broke your heart when you were in your 20’s is only one of them. The night that you realise that actually, you deserve better.

I like to think these playlists are pretty concise, and I also hope I’ll never have to use them again, but you never know! If you have any heartbreak songs that you think will make me sob, please let me know!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly Hill says:

    I adore your writing style! Keep it up ❤


  2. Millie Becker says:

    I love the pictures you add to your posts!!! So beautiful x


  3. Just M.E. says:

    I love your writing style and your pictures and just everything about your blog!


    1. katiewednes says:

      Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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